survey of the allergic status of patients with bronchial asthma in turkey: a multicenter study.patients diagnosed with bronchial asthma (ba) were prospectively enrolled to assess their allergen spectra and atopic status. the patients came from five major cities (ankara, izmir, samsun, elaziğ, and adana) in different regions of turkey. atopic status, total ige levels, and allergen spectra were determined in 1149 patients and 210 controls who were spouses of the patients sharing the same environment but not consanguinity with the patients. total ige levels were significantly higher in the a ...19957573836
determination of the genetic relationships between wild olive (olea europaea oleaster) varieties grown in the aegean region.the rapd technique was used for determining genetic differences between 12 wild-olive varieties grown in the aegean provinces of izmir, mugla, and manisa in turkey. wild olives obtained from the same provinces were included in the same plot. twenty of 25 operon primers (op-i 4, op-i 14, op-i 15, op-i 16, op-i 17, op-q1, op-q2, op-q3, op-q4, op-q11, op-q12, op-q13, op-q14, op-q15, op-q16, op-q17, op-q18, op-q19, op-q20, op-f1, op-f2, op-f3, op-f6, op-f7, op-f8) yielded bands. the differences betw ...201020467981
annual and intradiurnal variation of dominant airborne pollen and the effects of meteorological factors in çeşme (izmir, turkey).in this present study, airborne pollen in çeşme was investigated between february 17, 2012 and february 17, 2014 using the volumetric method. çeşme, one of turkey's most important tourism centers, which attracts numerous local and foreign tourists each year, is a district of izmir, a province in the western part of turkey. during the 2-year study, 12,905 pollen grains belonging to 64 taxa (33 arboreal, 31 non-arboreal plants) were detected. however, the 2-year data results revealed that the taxa ...201728965257
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