determination of the genetic relationships between wild olive (olea europaea oleaster) varieties grown in the aegean region.the rapd technique was used for determining genetic differences between 12 wild-olive varieties grown in the aegean provinces of izmir, mugla, and manisa in turkey. wild olives obtained from the same provinces were included in the same plot. twenty of 25 operon primers (op-i 4, op-i 14, op-i 15, op-i 16, op-i 17, op-q1, op-q2, op-q3, op-q4, op-q11, op-q12, op-q13, op-q14, op-q15, op-q16, op-q17, op-q18, op-q19, op-q20, op-f1, op-f2, op-f3, op-f6, op-f7, op-f8) yielded bands. the differences betw ...201020467981
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