results of a nationwide survey to determine feedstuffs fed to lactating dairy cows.a nationwide survey to determine feedstuffs used in the diets of dairy cows was conducted. this survey was mailed to dairy nutritionists at universities in each state to describe the use of 144 feedstuffs. twenty-eight states responded and were grouped by region as follows: northeast (maine, maryland, new hampshire, new york, ohio, vermont, and west virginia), northwest (idaho, oregon, and washington), midwest (iowa, illinois, michigan, minnesota, missouri, nebraska, north dakota, south dakota, ...199910068966
population structure and combining ability of diverse medicago sativa germplasms.although unadapted germplasms have been used to improve disease and insect resistance in alfalfa, there has been little effort to use these for improving forage yield. we evaluated genetic diversity and combining ability among two unadapted germplasms ( medicago sativa ssp. sativa peruvian and m. sativa ssp. falcata wisfal) and three northern u.s. adapted alfalfa cultivars. population structure analyses indicated that the wisfal and peruvian germplasms were genetically distinct from the cultivar ...200415300381
multistate outbreak of salmonella serovar muenchen infections associated with alfalfa sprouts grown from seeds pretreated with calcium hypochlorite.during september 1999, a multistate outbreak of salmonella serovar muenchen infection associated with eating raw alfalfa sprouts was identified in wisconsin. despite use of a calcium hypochlorite sanitizing procedure to pretreat seeds before sprouting, at least 157 outbreak-related illnesses were identified in seven states having sprouters who received alfalfa seed from a specific lot. the continued occurrence of sprout-related outbreaks despite presprouting disinfection supports the concern tha ...200111574556
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