outbreak of salmonella serotype saintpaul infections associated with eating alfalfa sprouts - united states, 2009.on february 24, 2009, the nebraska department of health and human services identified six isolates of salmonella serotype saintpaul with collection dates from february 7--14. salmonella saintpaul is not a commonly detected serotype; during 2008, only three salmonella saintpaul isolates were identified in nebraska. this report summarizes the preliminary results of the investigation of this outbreak, which has identified 228 cases in 13 states and implicated the source as alfalfa sprouts produced ...200919444155
results of a nationwide survey to determine feedstuffs fed to lactating dairy cows.a nationwide survey to determine feedstuffs used in the diets of dairy cows was conducted. this survey was mailed to dairy nutritionists at universities in each state to describe the use of 144 feedstuffs. twenty-eight states responded and were grouped by region as follows: northeast (maine, maryland, new hampshire, new york, ohio, vermont, and west virginia), northwest (idaho, oregon, and washington), midwest (iowa, illinois, michigan, minnesota, missouri, nebraska, north dakota, south dakota, ...199910068966
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