multinational outbreak of salmonella enterica serotype newport infections due to contaminated alfalfa december 1995, reported salmonella enterica serotype newport (sn) infections increased sharply in oregon and british columbia but not elsewhere in north america. similar unexplained increases had been noted in 6 other states in the fall of 1995.19999917119
results of a nationwide survey to determine feedstuffs fed to lactating dairy cows.a nationwide survey to determine feedstuffs used in the diets of dairy cows was conducted. this survey was mailed to dairy nutritionists at universities in each state to describe the use of 144 feedstuffs. twenty-eight states responded and were grouped by region as follows: northeast (maine, maryland, new hampshire, new york, ohio, vermont, and west virginia), northwest (idaho, oregon, and washington), midwest (iowa, illinois, michigan, minnesota, missouri, nebraska, north dakota, south dakota, ...199910068966
rumen fungi: morphological types from georgia cattle and the attack on forage cell walls.fungal colonies developing in anaerobic media from zoospores in rumen fluid from cows eating cynodon dactylon or medicago sativa included types showing monocentric and polycentric growth. high energy supplements added to diets of sorghum bicolor silage increased fungal numbers in the rumen, but increases were also affected by the history and predisposition of the animal. mixed fungal types in rumen fluid and pure cultures of isolates showing monocentric and polycentric growth degraded and weaken ...19883395692
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