rhizobium multihospitium sp. nov., isolated from multiple legume species native of xinjiang, china.thirty-one rhizobial strains isolated from nodules of legumes native of xinjiang, china, were characterized. these strains were classified as belonging to the genus rhizobium based on amplified 16s rdna restriction analysis (ardra). the strains were distinguished from recognized rhizobium species using analysis of 16s-23s rdna intergenic spacers (igs-rflp), sds-page analysis of whole proteins and box-pcr; the test strains always formed a distinct cluster with patterns that were quite different f ...200818599718
mesorhizobium gobiense sp. nov. and mesorhizobium tarimense sp. nov., isolated from wild legumes growing in desert soils of xinjiang, china.twenty-four mesorhizobium strains were isolated from desert soils in the xinjiang region of china and were characterized by a polyphasic approach. these strains grouped into three clusters in igs-rflp, sds-page analysis of whole-cell proteins and box-pcr analysis, corresponding to genomic species v, vi and vii as found in a previous study. the results were supported by sequencing analyses of rrs, igs, atpd and reca genes. genospecies vii was most related to mesorhizobium septentrionale, while ge ...200818984702
sinorhizobium meliloti associated with medicago sativa and melilotus spp. in arid saline soils in xinjiang, china.of 42 rhizobial isolates from medicago sativa and melilotus spp. growing in arid saline fields in xinjiang, china, 40 were identified as sinorhizobium meliloti by a polyphasic approach. however, diverse groups were obtained from these isolates in numerical taxonomy and sds-page of proteins. they could grow at ph 10.5 and were tolerant to 2.5-4.0% (w/v) nacl.200011034500
[yield characteristics and genetic diversity of main alfalfa varieties in china].the dry matter (dm) yield and its characteristics of 28 alfalfa varieties were evaluated in the 4th year under space sowing condition. the results showed that there existed significant difference (p<0.01) in dm yield and its characteristics among the varieties. the highest and higher dm yield were obtained form varieties xinjiang deye (452.8 g x plant(-1)) and gannong no. 3 (373.0 g x plant(-1)), respectively, and the varieties with the highest height and branch/plant at the 3rd cutting were gan ...200415320398
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