two genes, no enzyme: a second look at barbara mcclintock and the 1951 cold spring harbor symposium. 19957498759
results of a nationwide survey to determine feedstuffs fed to lactating dairy cows.a nationwide survey to determine feedstuffs used in the diets of dairy cows was conducted. this survey was mailed to dairy nutritionists at universities in each state to describe the use of 144 feedstuffs. twenty-eight states responded and were grouped by region as follows: northeast (maine, maryland, new hampshire, new york, ohio, vermont, and west virginia), northwest (idaho, oregon, and washington), midwest (iowa, illinois, michigan, minnesota, missouri, nebraska, north dakota, south dakota, ...199910068966
technical considerations for maize flour and corn meal fortification in public health: consultation rationale and summary.fortification is the purposeful addition of vitamins and minerals to foods during their industrial processing, as a way to improve the nutrition and health of populations who consume these foods. twelve countries have mandatory maize (zea mays subsp. mays) flour or meal fortification. the world health organization (who) is updating evidence-informed guidelines for the fortification of staple foods in public health, including the fortification of maize flour and corn meal with iron and other micr ...201424730734
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