the repellence of aristolochia aff. orbicularis roots against the corn borer sitophilus zeamais.the repellence of aristolochia aff. orbicularis root, a native of xochipala, guerrero, mexico, to the corn borer sitophilus zeamais (coleoptera) was investigated. the essential oil was isolated from the aromatic root and its repellent effect was assessed. about 40 components of the oil were identified using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and other spectroscopic methods. the repellence of the roots, the oil and the chromatography fractions were also evaluated. some fractions had a higher re ...200111531092
[the use of gloves as protector factor against scorpion stings during corn picking in the state of guerrero, mexico].identify factors associated with scorpion stings among farm workers who pick corn in the mexican state of guerrero.200919377739
the cultural and chronological context of early holocene maize and squash domestication in the central balsas river valley, mexico.molecular evidence indicates that the wild ancestor of maize is presently native to the seasonally dry tropical forest of the central balsas watershed in southwestern mexico. we report here on archaeological investigations in a region of the central balsas located near the iguala valley in guerrero state that show for the first time a long sequence of human occupation and plant exploitation reaching back to the early holocene. one of the sites excavated, the xihuatoxtla shelter, contains well-st ...200919307573
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