mycobiota and mycotoxins in fermented feed, wheat grains and corn grains in southeastern buenos aires province, argentina.wheat (as bran) and corn (as dry grain or fermented feed) are main ingredients of feedstuffs used in local cattle and pig farms in the south of the buenos aires province (argentina). therefore, determining mycobiota and mycotoxins in wheat and corn is of prime importance for developing feed management techniques to optimise animal production and to minimize toxicity. then, a mycological survey was carried out in the southeastern part of the buenos aires province, in order to identify the mycobio ...200919766518
a survey of the natural occurrence of aflatoxins and zearalenone in argentine field maize: 1983-1994.a survey was carried out from 1983 to 1994 to determine the natural occurrence of aflatoxins and zearalenone in maize samples from buenos aires and santa fe provinces, argentina. among 2271 samples analysed, 1214 (53.5%) were contaminated with mycotoxins. aflatoxin b1 was identified in 445 samples (19.6%), aflatoxin b2 was identified in 92 samples (4.1%) and zearalenone was identified in 676 samples (29.8%). aflatoxin g1 was detected in only one sample and none of the samples contained detectabl ...19968647301
[dynamics of respiration and the microbial biomass in soil supplemented with straw from corn and soybeans].soil organic matter level has an important influence on land productivity. this level depends upon the efficiency in partitioning carbon from plant debris into co2 and humified substances by microorganisms. the c/n ratio of the residues is one of the factors that affects this process. to study its influence on the growth and activity of the microflora, a soil from the corn region of buenos aires was supplemented with different amounts of straw from corn and soybean, and respiration and microbial ...19883140295
is maize b chromosome preferential fertilization controlled by a single gene?in previous work, genotypes for high and low b chromosome transmission rate were selected from a native race of maize. it was demonstrated that the b transmission is genetically controlled. the present work reports the fourth and fifth generations of selection and the f1 hybrids between the lines. the native b is characterized by a constant behaviour, with normal meiosis and nondisjunction in 100% of postmeiotic mitosis. it is concluded that genetic variation for b transmission between the selec ...200111595055
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