the natural occurrence of fumonisins in brazilian corn kernels.since animal intoxication related to corn-based feed is frequently observed in the state of paraná, brazil, natural contamination by fumonisins in 48 corn samples (39 from the state of paraná, and 9 from the brazilian tropical states, mato grosso do sul and goias) harvested in 1990-1991 was investigated, along with fungal flora. the total mould count ranged from 6.3 x 10(2) to 5.5 x 10(7) cfu/g, and fusarium moniliforme and aspergillus species belonging to section flavi were detected in 41 and 3 ...19969064243
mycoflora and fumonisin contamination in brazilian corn from sowing to harvest.the present study aimed to analyze the mycoflora and potential mycotoxin contamination of soil and corn samples collected at different plant maturity stages in capão bonito and ribeirão preto, two regions of the state of são paulo, brazil. in addition, the data obtained were correlated with the occurrence of wind-dispersed fungi and the predominant climatic conditions of the two regions studied. corn mycoflora profiles showed that fusarium verticillioides prevailed in 35% of the samples from cap ...200212059175
leaching and degradation of corn and soybean pesticides in an oxisol of the brazilian cerrados.pesticide pollution of ground and surface water is of growing concern in tropical countries. the objective of this pilot study was to evaluate the leaching potential of eight pesticides in a brazilian oxisol. in a field experiment near cuiabá, mato grosso, atrazine, chlorpyrifos, lambda-cyhalothrin, endosulfane alpha, metolachlor, monocrotofos, simazine, and trifluraline were applied onto a typic haplustox. dissipation in the topsoil, mobility within the soil profile and leaching of pesticides w ...200011057581
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