natural occurrence of aflatoxins and zearalenone in maize in brazil. part ii.the levels of aflatoxins and zearalenone were determined in 328 samples of corn from the states of santa catarina, minas gerais, são paulo, paraná, rio grande do sul and espírito santo by thin-layer chromatography; the samples were obtained from april 1985 through to march 1986. in 12.3% of these samples aflatoxin b1 was detected in concentrations that varied from 10 to 900 micrograms/kg (ppb); 18 samples showed levels above those tolerated by brazilian legislation. zearalenone was found in 4.5% ...19892524411
trends of fumonisin contamination and animal intoxication through monitoring 1991 to 1997 corn crop in the state of paraná, brazil.eleven feed samples associated with six animal (horse and poultry) intoxication outbreaks (1991) in the state of paraná, brazil, were evaluated for fungal and fumonisin contamination. in order to estimate the trend of livestock intoxication, fumonisin contamination was monitored in corn produced both at the commercial level (1991, 1995 crop), and in an experimental field at a local agronomy institute (1997 crop). the total mould count in the feed samples ranged from 2.9 x 10(3) to 1.9 x 10(7) cf ...200415630554
effect of the time interval from harvesting to the pre-drying step on natural fumonisin contamination in freshly harvested corn from the state of parana, brazil.natural mycoflora and fumonisins were analysed in 490 samples of freshly harvested corn (zea mays l.) (2003 and 2004 crops) collected at three points in the producing chain from the northern region of parana state, brazil, and correlated to the time interval between the harvesting and the pre-drying step. the two crops showed a similar profile concerning the fungal frequency, and fusarium sp. was the prevalent genera (100%) for the sampling sites from both crops. fumonisins were detected in all ...200818473218
effectiveness of fortification of corn flour-derived products with hydrogen-reduced elemental iron on iron-deficiency anaemia in children and adolescents in southern find the ideal combination of fe fortifier and its food vehicle is an essential measure in developing countries. however, its cost also plays an important role. in the present study, the effect on blood parameter values of corn flour-derived products fortified with powdered elemental fe in the form of h2-reduced fe was investigated in children and adolescents.200918789173
mycotoxicological quality evaluation of corn samples used by processing industries in the northern region of paraná state, brazil.based on fungal and fumonisin contamination of 870 freshly harvested samples, the quality of corn used by processing industries in the northern region of parana state, brazil (2003 and 2004 crop-year) was evaluated. sampling was carried out for each crop at two points in the production chain, i.e. at reception by the processors and at the pre-drying step. corn samples were more frequently contaminated with fusarium sp. (100%) and penicillium sp. (84.1-95.3%) than aspergillus sp. (5.6-19.8%). fum ...200819680847
effect of climatic conditions on natural mycoflora and fumonisins in freshly harvested corn of the state of paraná, brazil.natural mycoflora associated with fumonisins were analyzed in 150 samples of freshly harvested corn from central-southern, central-western and northern regions of the state of paraná, brazil and correlated to climatic conditions. the corn samples were frequently contaminated with fusarium sp. (98.7 to 100%) and penicillium sp. (93 to 100%), when compared to aspergillus sp. (not detected to 27.7%). the highest contamination with potentially mycotoxigenic fungi occurred in corn harvested in the ce ...199911040864
the natural occurrence of fumonisins in brazilian corn kernels.since animal intoxication related to corn-based feed is frequently observed in the state of paraná, brazil, natural contamination by fumonisins in 48 corn samples (39 from the state of paraná, and 9 from the brazilian tropical states, mato grosso do sul and goias) harvested in 1990-1991 was investigated, along with fungal flora. the total mould count ranged from 6.3 x 10(2) to 5.5 x 10(7) cfu/g, and fusarium moniliforme and aspergillus species belonging to section flavi were detected in 41 and 3 ...19969064243
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