atrazine and alachlor inputs to surface and ground waters in irrigated corn cultivation areas of castilla-leon region, spain.the inputs of atrazine and alachlor herbicides to surface and ground waters from irrigated areas dedicated to corn cultivation in the castilla-león (c-l) region (spain) as related to the application of both herbicides were studied. enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (elisa) were used for monitoring the atrazine and alachlor concentrations in 98 water samples taken from these areas. seventy-nine of the samples were of ground waters and 19 were of surface waters. the concentration ranges of the he ...200515952509
soil-dissipation kinetics of twelve herbicides used on a rain-fed barley crop in spain.this study evaluated the dissipation kinetics under actual field conditions of twelve herbicides in a typical xerofluvent soil in castilla y león (north central spain) sustaining barley. the type of soil selected was that typically used in the castilla y león region to cultivate barley under a rain-fed alternating crop-fallow rotation regimen. treatments were conducted in spring as two replicates and the soil was sampled every day during the first week, once a week for the following few weeks an ...201020419492
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