animal feeds as likely vehicles of clostridial infections in livestock.a total of sixteen samples were collected from various food items on seven farms in three states of nigeria. these samples yielded thirty one clostridial isolates which were identified as eleven species. the species most frequently isolated was clostridium perfringens representing 35.5% of the isolates. the next highest was c. bifermentans with a frequency of 22.6%. the other nine species identified were each isolated at frequencies less than 10%. no farm yielded all the species isolated. the fa ...19852863738
effect of sorting on incidence and occurrence of fumonisins and fusarium verticillioides on maize from nigeria.fumonisin mycotoxins are commonly found on maize and pose a health risk to humans and domesticated animals. visible sorting of grain has been suggested as a simple technique that can be used to reduce exposure to fumonisins. we collected maize samples in 2003 from different farms in the kaduna state of nigeria (northern guinea savanna agroecological zone) that had been sorted by farmers as either good quality or poor quality. the amount of fumonisins and the presence of fusarium verticillioides ...200616924936
spatial distribution of calcium in food, water and soil and its possible influence on rickets disease in northern nigeria.since the 1990s, children of the gbagyi tribe in northern nigeria have been suffering severe rickets with an incidence of up to 40% in the children's generation. the disease seems to be prevalent in an area of approximately 100 km(2) south-east of kaduna. according to broad medical studies in that area, there is no evidence for a genetic disposition but for a nutritional cause of the disease. a lack of calcium was found in blood and was calculated to originate from diet. we therefore checked par ...201222161153
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