the mycoflora and some mycotoxins found in maize (zea mays) in the plateau state of nigeria.mouldy maize samples were collected at three periods of the year (dry harmattan period, november-february; hot and dry period, march-may; and hot humid and wet period, june-september) from local government areas of plateau state of nigeria. they were screened for their mycoflora, aflatoxins, ochratoxin a and zearalenone contents. fusarium spp were the commonest fungi found in maize during the dry harmattan and hot and dry periods and neurospora spp were the commonest fungi found during the hot, ...19863705429
animal feeds as likely vehicles of clostridial infections in livestock.a total of sixteen samples were collected from various food items on seven farms in three states of nigeria. these samples yielded thirty one clostridial isolates which were identified as eleven species. the species most frequently isolated was clostridium perfringens representing 35.5% of the isolates. the next highest was c. bifermentans with a frequency of 22.6%. the other nine species identified were each isolated at frequencies less than 10%. no farm yielded all the species isolated. the fa ...19852863738
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