genetic control of wheat quality: interactions between chromosomal regions determining protein content and composition, dough rheology, and sponge and dough baking properties.while the genetic control of wheat processing characteristics such as dough rheology is well understood, limited information is available concerning the genetic control of baking parameters, particularly sponge and dough (s&d) baking. in this study, a quantitative trait loci (qtl) analysis was performed using a population of doubled haploid lines derived from a cross between australian cultivars kukri x janz grown at sites across different australian wheat production zones (queensland in 2001 an ...200919283360
fruit and vegetable consumption among older adults by tooth loss and socio-economic status.the aim of this study was to examine consumption of fruit and vegetables in relation to tooth loss and income.201020604755
the effects of stubble retention and nitrogen application on soil microbial community structure and functional gene abundance under irrigated maize.the effects of agronomic management practices on the soil microbial community were investigated in a maize production system in new south wales, australia. the site has been intensively studied to measure the impact of stubble management and n-fertilizer application on greenhouse gas emissions (co(2) and n(2)o), n-cycling, pathology, soil structure and yield. as all of these endpoints can be regulated by microbial processes, the microbiology of the system was examined. soil samples were taken af ...200717116166
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