crop diversity for yield increase.traditional farming practices suggest that cultivation of a mixture of crop species in the same field through temporal and spatial management may be advantageous in boosting yields and preventing disease, but evidence from large-scale field testing is limited. increasing crop diversity through intercropping addresses the problem of increasing land utilization and crop productivity. in collaboration with farmers and extension personnel, we tested intercropping of tobacco, maize, sugarcane, potato ...200919956624
[insect community structure and its stability in a zanthoxylum bungeanum garden with different planting pattern].an investigation was made on the insect community composition and structure in a zanthoxylum bungeanum garden with corn-soybean - z. bungeanum intercropping, soybean - z. bungeanum intercropping, corn - z. bungeanum intercropping, and only z. bungeanum planting in zhaotong city of yunnan province, and the community character index and principal component analysis were used to study the characters and stability of the insect community. a total of 326 insect species were recorded. in intercropped ...200919947222
[analysis of trace elements in corncob by microwave digestion-icp-aes].the contents of trace elements of zn, mg, mn, sr, fe, pb, cu and se in the corncob collected from beijing, shan-dong, jilin, yunnan, xinjiang, gansu, shanxi, shaanxi, jiangsu, neimeng in china were determined by icp-aes using microwave digestion. the optimum condition of digesting the corncob was: put 1.5 ml of 68% nitric acid and 0.5 ml of hydrofluoric acid in the pot, then digested the sample with 3 steps under the 400 w power in the microwave oven. this digesting procedure could completely an ...200717944429
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