[analysis of trace elements in corncob by microwave digestion-icp-aes].the contents of trace elements of zn, mg, mn, sr, fe, pb, cu and se in the corncob collected from beijing, shan-dong, jilin, yunnan, xinjiang, gansu, shanxi, shaanxi, jiangsu, neimeng in china were determined by icp-aes using microwave digestion. the optimum condition of digesting the corncob was: put 1.5 ml of 68% nitric acid and 0.5 ml of hydrofluoric acid in the pot, then digested the sample with 3 steps under the 400 w power in the microwave oven. this digesting procedure could completely an ...200717944429
[spatial and temporal variation of soil temperature extremum under plastic mulch in xinjiang].the upper and lower limit values of soil temperature affect crop growth and development greatly. observations on the soil maximal and minimal temperatures under different mulching and cropping conditions in xinjiang showed that during crop growth period in 1998 and 1999, soil temperature extremums were both at 0 cm, and varied with different observation time. the soil minimal temperature under plastic mulch was higher than that without mulch, indicating that plastic mulch could remarkably increa ...200415707309
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