aflatoxin b1 contamination in maize samples collected from different geographical regions of india--a multicentre study.under a multicentre study conducted by the indian council of medical research, 2,074 samples of maize were collected from rural and urban areas of 11 states representing different geographical regions of the country. these samples were analysed for aflatoxin b1 using the aoac method. analytical quality assurance between various participating laboratories was ensured through analysis of check-samples. about 26% of maize samples collected from 11 states exceeded the permissible indian regulatory l ...19979102348
new species, new records and re-description of spider mites (acari: tetranychidae) from india.two species of tetranychidae (acari), oligonychus neotylus sp. nov. from zea mays and pennisetum purpureum (poaceae) and tetranychus hirsutus sp. nov. from gymnema sylvestre r. br. (apocynaceae) are described from karnataka state, south india. tetranychus bambusae wang and ma is recorded for the first time from india and re-described. four other species are reported for the first time from india viz., oligonychus coniferarum (mcgregor), oligonychus duncombei meyer, tetranychus marianae mcgregor ...201627394311
do emissions from thermal power plants affect crop productivity? a study from the vicinity of bellary thermal power station, karnataka, the present study, ambient air quality was monitored during july to november 2013 in the vicinity of bellary thermal power station (btps), karnataka to assess the impact of pollutants emitted from power plant on the productivity of maize (zea mays l.). atmospheric pollutant load were measured in five different villages at varying distances and directions from thermal power plant, with the village farthest away from btps (yelubenchi) as control. maize yield was also estimated in these location ...201629251876
mycotoxin contamination of maize grains grown in karnataka (india).one hundred and ninety seven maize samples representing different cultivars, collected from different agroclimatic regions of karnataka (india) were analysed for moisture content, mould incidence, ergosterol and extent of mycotoxin contamination. moisture content determination by the hot-air oven method revealed significantly high levels of moisture content (15-18%) in 34 (17%) samples, which exceeded the permissible limit for safe storage. ergosterol quantification by hplc revealed the presence ...199910506010
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