exposure of rural and urban populations in kwazulu natal, south africa, to fumonisin b(1) in maize.we surveyed households in rural and urban areas of kwazulu natal, south africa, to assess the exposure of the inhabitants to fumonisin b(1) (fb(1)), a mycotoxin produced by fusarium verticillioides. in southern african regions maize, used as a staple food by the population, is prone to f. verticillioides infection. furthermore, high levels of fb(1) in maize have been associated with esophageal cancer in south africa. we assessed exposure of the population to fb(1) at three levels, namely, by ana ...200111333186
frequency of consumption of cariogenic food items by 4-month-old to 24-month-old children: comparison between two rural communities in kwazulu-natal, south africa.the objective of the study was to compare the frequency of consumption of cariogenic food items among 4-month-old to 24-month-old children in two neighbouring rural areas in kwazulu-natal province, south africa: nyuswa/embo (area a) (n = 127) and ndunakazi (area b) (n = 105). dietary intake was assessed using a food frequency questionnaire. mothers or caregivers were interviewed by a team of zulu-speaking fieldworkers. the percentage of children consuming the individual food items (consumers) an ...200516019319
field outbreaks of hyperoestrogenism (vulvo-vaginitis) in pigs consuming maize infected by fusarium graminearum and contaminated with zearalenone.during the spring and summer of 1979 field outbreaks of porcine hyperoestrogenism characterized by swelling and reddening of the vulva and teats in prepubertal gilts and enlargement of the mammae in young males occurred in the mistbelt of the natal midlands. on a farm in the ixopo district, pigs were fed a mixed ratio containing home-grown yellow maize stored on the cob in a crib and all the young pigs with a mass of 25-85 kg (=a total of 350) were affected. maize ears from the crib had a high p ...19806455520
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