genetically modified maize and soybean on the egyptian food market.the results of a survey study on food samples produced from genetically modified soybean and maize collected from the egyptian market are presented. forty samples of soybean and 40 samples of maize products have been gathered randomly from markets in cairo and giza. the genetic modification was detected by polymerase chain reaction (pcr) using official detection methods according to section 35 of the german foodstuffs act. samples were investigated for the presence of material derived from the f ...200212428455
health risk assessment and growth characteristics of wheat and maize crops irrigated with contaminated wastewater.the present study evaluated the effect of untreated wastewater irrigation and its health risks in triticum aestivum (wheat) and zea mays (maize) cultivated at south cairo, egypt. morphological measurements (stem and root lengths, number of leaves per plant, and dry weights of main organs) as well as soil, irrigation water, and plant analyses for nutrients and heavy metals were conducted in polluted and unpolluted sites. wastewater irrigations leads to reduction in the morphological traits of the ...201728971323
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