survey of the natural occurrence of zearalenone in maize from northern iran by thin-layer chromatography densitometry.during september 2000, forty samples of preharvest maize from the province of mazandaran, north iran, were randomly collected. samples were analysed for zearalenone (zea) by a thin-layer chromatography (tlc) method (aoac official method). zea was extracted with chloroform, purified through a chromatographic column containing silica gel, separated on a tlc plate and quantified by densitometry. the analytical method was validated and was adequately reliable and sensitive. the mean recovery rate of ...200312775481
fumonisin production by fusarium species isolated from freshly harvested corn in iran.fifty-one strains of fusarium verticillioides and f. proliferatum isolated from corn collected from four different geographic areas in iran, namely fars, khuzestan, kermanshah and mazandaran (an endemic oesophageal cancer (oc) area) were evaluated for their ability to produce fumonisins b1 (fb1), b2 (fb2) and b3 (fb3) in corn culture. fumonisin levels were determined by high-performance liquid chromatography. all tested strains of f. verticillioides and f. proliferatumproduced fumonisins within ...200515750730
a survey on distribution of aspergillus section flavi in corn field soils in iran: population patterns based on aflatoxins, cyclopiazonic acid and sclerotia production.soil isolates of aspergillus section flavi from mazandaran and semnan provinces with totally different climatic conditions in iran were examined for aflatoxins (afs; b and g types), cyclopiazonic acid (cpa) and sclerotia production. a total of 66 aspergillus flavus group strains were identified from three species viz. aspergillus flavus, aspergillus parasiticus and aspergillus nomius in both locations. a. flavus (87.9%) was found to be the prominent species followed by a. nomius (9.1%) and a. pa ...200616482391
incidence of fusarium verticillioides and levels of fumonisins in corn from main production areas in iran.a total of 52 corn samples collected in 2000 from four main corn production provinces of iran (fars, kermanshah, khuzestan, and mazandaran) were analyzed for contamination with fusarium verticillioides and fumonisins (fb(1), fb(2), fb(3), and 3-epi-fb(3)). the mean incidence of f. verticillioides (percent of kernels infected) for these four areas was 26.7, 21.4, 24.9, and 59.0%, respectively. the incidence in mazandaran was significantly (p < 0.05) above that of the other areas. all samples from ...200616881726
mycoflora of iranian maize harvested in the main production areas in 2000.maize is one of the most important cereals produced in, and imported into, iran. the incidences of seed-borne fungi were determined in iranian maize harvested in 2000 from four major production areas with different climatic conditions, namely fars, khuzestan, kermanshah and mazandaran provinces. this is the first study to compare the mycoflora of maize in the aforementioned areas. mycological analyses showed a predominance of fusarium species (38.5%), followed by aspergillus species (8.7%), rhiz ...200415487329
human dietary exposure to fumonisin b1 from iranian maize harvested during 1998-2000.fumonisin b(1) (fb(1)) is the most abundant of the fumonisin mycotoxins, mainly produced in maize by f. verticillioides and f. proliferatum. a previous study on the fb1 contamination of maize harvested in mazandaran and isfahan provinces of iran in 1998 and 1999 demonstrated contamination in both provinces. this present study was undertaken to further investigate the variation in levels of contamination and to estimate possible levels of human exposure to fumonisins in iran. the mean level of fb ...200616761187
fumonisin b(1) in maize harvested in iran during 1999.the fumonisin b(1) (fb(1)) contamination of maize collected in two areas of iran during 1999 was determined. the 20 maize samples from mazandaran province, situated on the caspian littoral of iran, consisted of random samples of farmers' lots and were all contaminated with fb(1) at a mean level of 3.18 mg kg(-1) (range 0.68-7.66 mg kg(-1)). the 10 samples (of the same maize cultivar) from isfahan province in central iran were purchased as maize cobs in local retail markets and had mean fb levels ...200212113663
natural occurrence of fumonisins in corn from iran.corn collected in the mazandaran and isfahan provinces of iran was analyzed for fumonisin b(1) (fb(1)), fumonisin b(2) (fb(2)), and fumonisin b(3) (fb(3)). the samples from mazandaran province, situated on the caspian littoral of iran, were random samples from farmers' corn lots collected in september 1998, whereas those from isfahan province, situated further south in the center of iran, were bought as corn cobs in the local retail market during october 1998. all 11 samples from mazandaran show ...200010820105
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