parasites of domestic and wild animals in south africa. xxii. ixodid ticks on domestic dogs and on wild carnivores.ixodid ticks were collected from 4 dogs on smallholdings near grahamstown, eastern cape province, on 1 or more occasions each week for periods ranging from 9-36 months. fourteen tick species were recovered and the seasonal abundance of adult haemaphysalis leachi and adult rhipicephalus simus was determined. complete collections of ticks were made from 50 caracals (felis caracal) in the cradock, graaff-reinet and southwell regions in the eastern cape province. the animals from cradock and graaff- ...19873444612
understanding tourists' preference for mammal species in private protected areas: is there a case for extralimital species for ecotourism?private protected areas (ppas) often use wildlife-based ecotourism as their primary means of generating business. achieving tourist satisfaction has become a strong driving goal in the management of many ppas, often at the expense of biodiversity. many extralimitral species, those which historically did not occur in an area, are stocked in ppas with the intention of increasing ecotourism attractions. even though the ecological and economic costs of stocking these species are high, the social ben ...201424505426
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