[schistosomiasis endemic in burkina faso].burkina faso, through the works of many teams of the occge based in bobo-dioulasso, has signi-ficant data on several tropical endemics of which schistosomiasis. with the complementary works, it appears to be possible to establish a distribution of the schistosomiasis which reveals its importance. it will be the first stage of the planned national control program. the parasitologic data-gathering which covers the period of 1951 to 2000, used all the standard techniques. it is about kato-kartz and ...200415104159
[recent evolution of schistosomiasis in the water project of sourou in burkina faso].in order to help the hydro-agricultural projects in the management of water resources together with a schistosomiasis control programme, it is important to evaluate the extent of the problem. this is the reason why parasitological and clinical surveys were conducted in schools associated with malacological surveys in transmission sites of several water projects including the one from sourou. the data-collecting for the research on molluscs was carried out in surface water and as for parasitologi ...200415104151
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