is schistosoma mansoni replacing schistosoma haematobium in the fayoum?schistosoma mansoni is progressively replacing s. haematobium along the nile river in egypt. this change has occurred in the past 15-20 years following construction of the aswan high dam in the 1960s. the cause is a shift in relative abundance of the snail vectors biomphalaria alexandrina and bulinus truncatus. biomphalaria is increasing while the latter has disappeared from a village in the fayoum where formerly only schistosomiasis haematobia was endemic. a cross-sectional household survey in ...19938279637
spot light survey on fresh-water snails of medical importance in al fayoum governorate, a survey carried out during summer and autumn of 2004, for snails of medical importance, nine species were recovered. these were biomphalaria alexandrina, b. glabrata, b. pfeifferi, bulinus truncatus, b. forskalii, lymnaea natalensis, bellamya (=vivipara) unicolor, physa acuta and hydrobia musaensis. parasitological examination revealed that b. alexandrina, b. glabrata and l. natalensis harboured immature stages of their concerned trematode parasites. moreover, p. acuta harboured the immature ...200515880994
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