schistosomiasis in newly reclaimed areas in egypt. 2--patterns of transmission.the distribution, abundance and seasonality of infected biomphalaria alexandrina and bulinus truncatus were studied for 2 years (1992-1994) in two newly reclaimed areas, namely el manayef and el-morra areas located on both sides of suez canal near ismailia city. the results confirm the occurrence of transmission of both schistosoma mansoni and s. haematobium since infected snails of both species were recovered in these areas. this consequently proves that reclamation of parts of the desert utili ...199910605512
schistosomiasis in newly reclaimed areas in egypt. 1-distribution and population seasonal fluctuation of intermediate host snails.two newly reclaimed areas located west & east of suez canal, namely el manayef area and el morra area, were studied for patterns of distribution and population seasonal fluctuation of biomphalaria alexandrina and bulinus truncatus, the intermediate host snails of schistosoma mansoni and s. haematobium, respectively. in this study geographic information system (gis) techniques were utilized for producing maps and analyzing the results. habitats of the two vector snail species were categorized int ...19989914712
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