on the larval trematodes recovered from bulinus truncatus in assiut governorate. part ii. leptocercous and amphistome cercariae. 19761025234
studies on the effects of population density on the growth and survivorship of bulinus truncatus from assiut. 19836631096
the effects of population density on the reproductive capacity of bulinus truncatus from assiut, egypt. 19836663097
foci of schistosoma mansoni in assiut province in middle egypt.following detection of schistosoma mansoni in a 12 years old boy who had both schistosomal polyposis and periportal fibrosis with hepatosplenomegaly, epidemiological studies to confirm local transmission were performed in his and 30 other villages in assiut governorate, egypt. the index case's brother and 6 of 380 inhabitants of his village who provided stool specimens were infected with s. mansoni and a farmer with dysentery and hepatosplenomegaly had a positive rectal snip biopsy. all had hepa ...19938249064
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