subgingival occurrence and antimicrobial susceptibility of enteric rods and pseudomonads from brazilian periodontitis patients.the occurrence and in vitro antimicrobial sensitivity of isolates of enteric rods and pseudomonads were examined in 80 periodontitis patients, 17 to 58 years of age, in são paulo, brazil. speciation and in vitro antimicrobial susceptibility testing were performed using the bbl crystal enteric/nonfermenter system and the etest for amoxicillin/clavulanic acid, ciprofloxacin and doxycycline. a total of 30 strains were isolated from 25 (31.2%) of the study subjects. pseudomonas aeruginosa occurred i ...200111555308
pseudo-outbreak of pseudomonas aeruginosa and serratia marcescens related to investigate an apparent outbreak involving simultaneous isolation of pseudomonas aeruginosa and serratia marcescens from bronchoalveolar lavage (bal) samples.200312683511
dissemination of blakpc-2 by the spread of cc258-klebsiella pneumoniae clones (st258, st11, st437) and plasmids (incfii, incn, incl/m) among enterobacteriaceae species in brazil.this study reports the spread of bla(kpc-2) in são paulo and rio de janeiro states facilitated by globally spread cc258-k. pneumoniae clones (st258, st11, st437) and a diversity of plasmids (incfii, incn, incl/m, two untypeable plasmids carrying tn4401a or tn4401b) successfully disseminated among enterobacteriaceae species (enterobacter cloacae, serratia marcescens and citrobacter freundii). it also constitutes the first description of st258 in brazil which was associated with a nosocomial hospi ...201121576442
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