prevalence and contamination levels of listeria monocytogenes in smoked fish and pâté sold in spain.from march to november 2000, 170 samples of smoked fish and 182 samples of pâté for sale in retail outlets and supermarkets in the nine provinces of castilla and león (spain) were analyzed for the prevalence of listeria monocytogenes and other listeria spp. l. monocytogenes was isolated from 38 (22.3%) of the 170 samples of smoked fish analyzed. twenty of these positive samples contained l. monocytogenes at >100 cfu/g. other listeria spp., such as listeria innocua (26 isolates), listeria grayi ( ...200111770642
[clinico-epidemiological study of neurolisteriosis in the province of segovia].listeria monocytogenes is a microorganism with marked tropism towards the central nervous system. one of the commonest forms of presentation is as a meningeal infection. the objective of this study is to describe the epidemiological, clinical and laboratory characteristics and therapeutic implications.200212080487
survival kinetics of listeria monocytogenes on raw sheep milk cured cheese under different storage temperatures.raw sheep milk cured cheese produced in the castilla y leon region (spain) constitutes a traditional semi-hard aromatic cheese typically aged for three to six months. this product is catalogued as ready-to-eat since it is not submitted to any further treatment before consumption. thus, foodborne pathogens such as listeria monocytogenes can represent a health concern for susceptible consumers. this study was aimed at evaluating the survival of l. monocytogenes on raw sheep milk cured cheese under ...201424630556
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