rabies antibodies in sera of wild birds.three hundred forty-three birds representing six orders and 22 species were examined serologically for antibodies against rabies. low passive hemagglutination titers were observed in 23 samples. fifteen of 65 (23.1%) predatory birds and 8 of 278 (2.9%) non-predatory birds were positive. rabies antibody positive sera from non-predatory species were from species commonly thought to be scavengers suggesting the importance of the oral route for the presentation of rabies virus to birds.197616498885
rabies surveillance in the united states during 2002.during 2002, 49 states and puerto rico reported 7,967 cases of rabies in nonhuman animals and 3 cases in human beings to the centers for disease control and prevention, an increase of 7.2% from the 7,436 cases in non-human animals and 1 case in a human being reported in 2001. more than 92% (7,375 cases) were in wild animals, whereas 7.4% (592) were in domestic species (compared with 93.3% in wild animals and 6.7% in domestic species in 2001). compared with cases reported in 2001, the numbers of ...200314690203
demonstration of rabies virus-specific antibody in the sera of free-ranging iowa raccoons (procyon lotor).between 1984 and 1988, a study was conducted to evaluate the frequency of rabies virus neutralizing antibodies in raccoons (procyon lotor) in two counties in iowa. nine hundred eighty five raccoons were trapped and tagged in guthrie and cerro gordo counties during the spring, summer and fall of each year. sex, age and weight were recorded for each animal and a blood sample was collected. serum samples were tested for the presence of serum neutralizing antibodies (sna) by the rapid fluorescent fo ...19921512869
from the centers for disease control and prevention. human rabies--iowa, 2002. 200312633196
multiple human exposures to a rabid bear cub at a petting zoo and barnwarming--iowa, august 1999.on august 27, 1999, a black bear cub, approximately 5-6 months old, died after several hours of acute central nervous system symptoms; preliminary test results available on august 28 indicated the bear had rabies. the bear was part of the swenson's wild midwest exotic petting zoo in clermont, iowa (northeastern iowa). at the petting zoo, visitors fed, wrestled, and may have been nipped by the bear. the bear also was taken to an august 14 barnwarming at the tharp barn in holy cross, iowa (eastern ...199910499789
human rabies--iowa, 2002.on september 28, 2002, a man aged 20 years residing in linn county, iowa, died from rabies encephalitis caused by infection with a variant of rabies virus associated with silver-haired (lasionycteris noctivagans) and eastern pipistrelle (pipistrellus subflavus) bats. this is the first case of human rabies in iowa since 1951. this report summarizes the investigation of the case by the linn county and iowa public health departments. bats found in living quarters should be submitted to local public ...200312570321
public health response to a potentially rabid bear cub--iowa, 1999.on august 27, 1999, a 5-6 month-old black bear cub in a petting zoo in clermont, iowa, died after developing acute central nervous system signs; the initial direct fluorescent-antibody (dfa) test results available on august 28 indicated the bear had rabies. on august 29, in response to the positive laboratory report, the iowa department of public health (idph) initiated a campaign to identify and inform persons potentially exposed to the bear's saliva. within 72 hours, idph staff verified contac ...199910553812
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