lack of protection against rabies in neighbourhood dogs in some peri-urban and rural areas of ogun and oyo states, nigeria.rabies is a highly fatal zoonosis that causes severe destruction to the central nervous system and remains underreported in developing countries like nigeria.201426949794
detection of rabies virus antibodies in fruit bats (eidolon helvum) from nigeria.fruit bats (eidolon helvum) were collected from three different localities in western nigeria: oti, ibadan and idanre. fifty serum samples were analyzed using a modified rapid fluorescent focus inhibition technique against rabies, mokola, lagos bat and duvenhage viruses. twenty-five brain samples were screened for rabies and related lyssavirus antigens by direct fluorescent antibody microscopy and by an indirect fluorescent antibody technique with rabies anti-nucleocapsid monoclonal antibodies. ...19902187101
antibody levels against rabies among occupationally exposed individuals in a nigerian university.the authors investigated the levels of anti-glycoprotein antibodies against rabies virus in the sera of occupationally exposed humans at the university of ibadan, nigeria. a quantitative indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) was used to detect rabies virus anti-glycoprotein antibodies in sera from 20 zoological garden workers, 20 veterinarians and 30 clinical veterinary students at the university of ibadan. the sera were obtained between september 2008 and february 2009. of these 70 ...201020391364
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