[the primary application of direct rapid immunohistochemical test to rabies diagnosis in china].evaluation of the direct rapid immumohistochemical test (drit) for laboratory surveillance of rabies.200819031692
[survey on human rabies cases and its viral molecular biological features in baoshan city, yunnan province].to understand the epidemiological features of two rabies cases in baoshan city year 2006 and 2007 and to analyze its source of infection.200819173855
the full-length genome analysis of a street rabies virus strain isolated in yunnan province of china.the epidemic of rabies has rapidly increased and expanded in yunnan province in recent years. in order to further analyze and understand the etiological reasons for the rapid expansion of rabies in yunnan, a strain of rabies virus cyn1009d in yunnan was isolated, and the complete genomic sequencing was carried out, and the bioimfomative analysis on genes/encoded proteins and phylogeny with reference to sequences in genbank was performed. the complete genome of cyn1009d was 11923 nt in length and ...201222684475
molecular epidemiology of reemergent rabies in yunnan province, southwestern china.yunnan province in china borders 3 countries (vietnam, laos, and myanmar) in southeast asia. in the 1980s, a large-scale rabies epidemic occurred in this province, which subsided by the late 1990s. however, 3 human cases of rabies in 2000 indicated reemergence of the disease in 1 county. in 2012, rabies was detected in 77 counties; 663 persons died of rabies during this new epidemic. fifty two rabies virus strains obtained during 2008-2012 were identified and analyzed phylogenetically by sequenc ...201425144604
cross-border spread, lineage displacement and evolutionary rate estimation of rabies virus in yunnan province, china.rabies is an important but underestimated threat to public health, with most cases reported in asia. since 2000, a new epidemic wave of rabies has emerged in yunnan province, southwestern china, which borders three countries in southeast asia.201728578663
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