host preferences of phlebotomine sand flies at a hypoendemic focus of canine leishmaniasis in central italy.a survey was carried out on phlebotomine sand flies and their feeding habits at a hypoendemic focus of leishmania infantum in macerata province, central italy. during two consecutive years (2000-2001), 1465 sand fly specimens (42.5% of which were males) were collected from a variety of diurnal resting sites in the municipality of camerino. the most prevalent species was phlebotomus perniciosus (76.6%), followed by p. papatasi (10.4%), sergentomyia minuta (9.1%), phlebotomus perfiliewi (3.3%) and ...200314516922
[monitoring of canine leishmaniasis in northern italy: an update from a scientific network].canine leishmaniasis (canl) due to leishmania infantum is a disease of great veterinary importance and a serious public health problem. in humans, l. infantum causes visceral (vl) and cutaneous leishmaniasis (cl) and the distribution of vl overlaps that of canl. currently, vl is considered by who as an emerging zoonosis in southern europe. the dog is the only domestic reservoir of the infection and phlebotomine sandflies are the only proven vectors of leishmaniasis for dogs and humans. canl is e ...200415305715
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