[epidemiology of autochthonous leishmaniases in france].leishmania infantum is the only species occurring in metropolitan france; located in the mediterranean part of the country, it is responsible for a highly enzootic canine disease, while the human endemicity is low, with about 23 cases yearly reported to the national reference centre of leishmaniases, mainly visceral forms. in french guyana, five leishmania species occur in the amazonian forest, of which l. guyanensis is the predominant species, and l. braziliensis is responsible for the most cri ...201323886932
surveillance of leishmaniases in france, 1999 to 2012.leishmaniasis is endemic in the south of france, where autochthonous disease is caused by leishmania infantum, and affects both humans and dogs. the prevalence of canine leishmaniasis is between 3 and 66% depending on the region and the methods used. human leishmaniases are also imported into france, mainly from french guiana and north africa. the surveillance of autochthonous and imported human leishmaniases is based on passive notification to the national reference centre for leishmaniases (nr ...201323929121
leishmania-human immunodeficiency virus coinfection in the mediterranean basin: isoenzymatic characterization of 100 isolates of the leishmania infantum complex.isoenzymatic characterization was done on 100 isolates obtained from visceral leishmaniasis (vl) patients coinfected with human immunodeficiency virus (hiv); isolates had been received between 1986 and 1993 at the international leishmania cryobank and identification centre in montpellier, france. electrophoresis was done with 15 isoenzymes using the starch gel technique combined, where appropriate, with isoelectrofocusing. nine leishmania infantum zymodemes were identified; l. infantum zymodeme ...19957797943
[first case of cutaneous leishmaniasis from leishmania infantum in corsica].canine leishmaniasis is endemic in corsica. sporadic cases of visceral leishmaniasis due to leishmania infantum have been reported in humans, but no case of cutaneous leishmaniasis has been reported to date. in august 1994, a 42-year-old woman living in orleans (france) presented with two nodular lesions on the face. these lesions appeared two months after a stay near the gulf of ajaccio in corsica. histopathological examination revealed intracellular amastigotes. the culture isolate was identif ...199810399697
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