epidemiology of visceral leishmaniasis in algeria: an update.visceral leishmaniasis (vl), a zoonotic disease caused by leishmania infantum, is endemic in algeria. this report describes a retrospective epidemiological study conducted on human vl to document the epidemiological profile at national level. all human vl cases notified by the national institute of public health between 1998 and 2008 were investigated. in parallel all vl cases admitted to the university hospitals of algiers were surveyed to estimate the underreporting ratio. fifteen hundred and ...201424949958
[leishmaniasis in algiers: epidemiologic data].the authors review the situation on human and canine leishmaniasis observed in algiers during the period 1990-1997. 1800 sera have been tested by ifat. the frequency of canine leishmaniasis rises to 37%. 25% of the positive dogs are asymptomatic. the canine leishmaniasis annual fluctuations seem to vary from one year to another, with an increase of number of cases comparing with the last period. human leishmaniasis is also increasing in algiers, where 22 cases of hvl and 40 cases cl have been no ...200314582298
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