[demographic, clinical and therapeutic features of adult visceral leishmaniasis at the rabta hospital in tunis (tunisia) from 1983 to 2002].the purpose of this study was to evaluate in a retrospective analysis, cases of mediterranean visceral leishmaniasis (vl) diagnosed in adults during a 20-year period in a department of infectious diseases. demographic data, clinical and laboratory features and therapeutic findings were considered. during the study period, 22 cases of vl were diagnosed, and 6 (27%) were associated with hiv infection. fever and splenomegaly were observed in all cases. anaemia was constant. the anti-leishmanial if ...200717982860
[efficacy of deltamethrine-impregnated collars scalibor in the prevention of canine leishmaniasis in the area of tunis].the anti-sandflies and, insecticides impregnated collars are actually mentioned as the main mean for prevention and control of canine leishmaniasis. an evaluation of the scalibor collar was undertaken in leishmaniasis active sites in tunis area, (northern tunisia). eighty leishmaniasis free dogs (42 collared and 38 as control dogs) were submitted to a serological detection using elisa technique for anti-leishmania antibodies before and after transmission season in 2005 and 2006. seroconversions ...200819469417
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