[a case of cutaneous leishmaniasis caused by leishmania infantum in a non-endemic province (ankara) of turkey].southeastern anatolia and the mediterranean regions of turkey are known as endemic areas for cutaneous leishmaniasis (cl). in this report, a 64 years-old male patient with cl caused by leishmania infantum has been presented. the patient who was inhabiting in ankara (central anatolia region, turkey) complained from a lesion on his right ring finger for the last six months. he has a cat and has been engaged with gardening. overall, he was healthy with the exception of hypertension and glucose into ...201222951664
seroepidemiology of leptospirosis, toxoplasmosis, and leishmaniosis among dogs in ankara, turkey.seroprevalence of five different leptospira interrogans serovars, toxoplasma gondii and leishmania infantum in stray dogs in ankara was investigated. a total of 116 dog sera collected from apparently healthy stray dogs were tested for l. interrogans serovars by microscopic agglutination test (mat), for t. gondii antibodies by sabin-feldman dye test (sfdt), and for l. infantum antibodies by indirect fluorescence antibody test (ifat). of the 116 dogs, 51 (43.96%) were seropositive for leptospirosi ...200515845273
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