emergence of visceral leishmaniasis in central 1994-1995, a child and five dogs from villages located between jerusalem and tel-aviv, israel were diagnosed with visceral leishmaniasis (vl). based on these findings, the distribution of vl in domestic and wild canids in central israel was examined. in the two villages where canine index cases were identified, a substantial proportion (11.5%, 14 of 122) of the dogs examined were seropositive. however, the rate of infection in five neighboring villages was only 1% (1 of 99). parasites were cu ...19989840588
feline leishmaniasis in jerusalem: serological investigation.visceral leishmaniasis caused by leishmania infantum is an endemic zoonosis, present in the mediterranean area and well recognized in israel and palestine for human and dog disease. a serological study using an elisa technique was performed on 104 cats living in the jerusalem area. seroprevalence was 6.7% (7/104). significant correlation between seropositive cat results and altitude > 2500 ft was observed (p = 0.02). this is the first serological survey of feline leishmaniasis (fl) in the middle ...200818986768
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