first detection of leishmania infantum dna in wild caught phlebotomus papatasi in endemic focus of cutaneous leishmaniasis, south of identify the vectors and reservoirs of cutaneous leishmaniasis in the endemic focus of farashband, fars province, south of iran.201324075350
first report of natural infection in cats with leishmania infantum in iran.visceral leishmaniasis (vl), caused by leishmania infantum, is an endemic zoonosis in iran. in recent years, leishmania infection in cats has been reported in several countries where leishmaniasis is present. the aim of this study was to survey leishmania infection in cats and to detect its causative agents in vl endemic areas in iran. forty stray cats were captured from two areas where vl is endemic, fars and east azerbaijan provinces. infection with leishmania was evaluated by parasitological ...201019492951
first detection of leishmania infantum in phlebotomus (larroussius) major (diptera: psychodidae) from iran.ghir-karzin district is one of the most important endemic foci of visceral leishmaniaisis (vl) in fars province of southern iran. to identify the vector(s) of leishmania in this focus, a total of 2,539 sand flies were collected during june to september 2005. eleven species (six phlebotomus and five sergentomyia) were identified, of which phlebotomus papatasi scopoli and phlebotomus major annandale were the first (37.4%) and third (11.2%) most common species, respectively. natural leptomonad infe ...200818714874
leishmania tropica-isolated patient with visceral leishmaniasis in southern iran.visceral leishmaniasis (vl) is caused by various strains of leishmania donovani, leishmania infantum, and leishmania chagasi with different geographical distribution. the aim of this study was to identify the strains of leishmania that can cause vl in southern iran. dna of leishmania were extracted from the slides of bone marrow aspirates (#42) and spleen punctures (#22), which were positive for leishman body from the patients who were referred to the hospitals affiliated with shiraz university ...200616474088
phlebotomus (paraphlebotomus) alexandri: a probable vector of leishmania infantum in iran.the incidence of human visceral leishmaniasis (vl) caused by leishmania infantum, which is endemic in several parts of iran, has recently increased in the nourabad-mamassani district of fars province, in the south of the country. between 2003 and 2005, 12,688 sandflies were caught in this focus, using cdc miniature light traps, sticky traps and aspirators, in an attempt to identify the main vector of l. infantum. when 120 of the parous, female phlebotomus (paraphlebotomus) alexandri caught were ...200616417715
characterization of leishmania isolated in iran: 1. serotyping with species specific monoclonal antibodies.a total of 156 isolates of leishmania from patients with cutaneous leishmaniasis and one isolate from gerbil were characterized using standard monoclonal antibodies (mab) in elisa and ifa test systems. the geographic distribution of the isolates was 30 isolates in shiraz, 28 in kerman and 98 in tehran. a total of 63, 72, and three leishmania promastigote isolates preferentially reacted with anti-leishmania tropica mab (a11), anti-leishmania major mab (t1) and anti-leishmania infantum mab (d2), r ...200010838213
asymptomatic human carriers of leishmania infantum: possible reservoirs for mediterranean visceral leishmaniasis in southern iran.over the last decade, the incidence of visceral leishmaniasis (vl) has increased in many districts of the province of fars, in southern iran. recent epidemiological reports indicate that asymptomatic human infections with leishmania infantum (the causative agent of vl throughout the mediterranean basin) occur more frequently in iran than was previously believed. between 2004 and 2006, blood samples were collected from 802 apparently healthy subjects from communities, in the north-west and south- ...200818817598
molecular, cytological, and immunocytochemical study and kdna sequencing of laryngeal leishmania infantum infection.mucosal leishmaniasis is a well-known clinical manifestation of infections mainly caused by new world leishmania species, especially leishmania braziliensis (viannia) in central and south america. it is extremely uncommon in the world, even in the endemic areas such as fars province, southern iran. two male immunocompetent subjects who developed leishmania mucosal lesion mimicking a laryngeal tumor presented with a several-months history of dysphonia, dyspnea, hoarseness, and odynophagia. multip ...201223263387
feline visceral leishmaniasis in kerman, southeast of iran: serological and molecular study.visceral leishmaniasis (vl) is a fatal zoonotic disease in tropical and sub-tropical countries including iran. dogs constitute the main domestic reservoir for vl (kala-azar) in iran but incidence of the disease in cats from fars and east azerbaijan provinces has led to propose them as secondary reservoirs, and possible expansion of the feline role in the transmission of disease. the aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of leishmania infantum infection in stray cats in kerman city by ...201728352052
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