antibodies to akabane virus in australia.neutralising antibody to akabane virus was shown to develop in cattle in northern australia throughout the year and also on the east coast of new south wales in the summer during 1975/1976. other species found to have antibody to akabane virus were buffaloes, horses, camels and sheep, but no antibody was found in domestic chickens, ducks, wallabies or man. the biting midge culicoides brevitarsis has been detected in all the major areas where antibody was demonstrated in this study.1978655964
a survey of antibody to aino virus in cattle and other species in australia.a serological survey of healthy cattle in australia showed that antibodies to aino virus were present in serums from cattle in northern australia and down the east coast as far as central new south wales in 1975, 1976 and 1977, but occurred with a lower frequency than antibodies to akabane virus. in contrast to the findings with akabane virus, no neutralising antibodies to aino virus were detected in serums from camels, dogs or horses. antibodies to both viruses were detected in buffaloes and sh ...1978718555
congenital bovine epizootic arthrogryposis and hydranencephaly in australia. distribution of antibodies to akabane virus in australian cattle after the 1974 the end of the 1974 epizootic of bovine congenital arthrogryposis and hydranencephaly in south-eastern new south wales, an australia-wide serological survey (about 4,000 serums) was made to determine the ditribution of cattle possessing serum neutralising antibodies against akabane virus. eighty per cent of the serums from cattle in northern australia (western australia, northern territory, and queensland) were positive. a detailed study in the epizootic area in new south wales (particularly ...19761016149
akabane disease in sheep.perinatal lamb mortality, associated with malformations of the cns due to akabane viral infection, occurred in 4 of 9 flocks of ewes lambing on 3 farms between 26 may and 14 november, 1976. cases were restricted to ewes conceiving prior to the second week of march and lambing between 26 may and 19 july. as judged by seroconversion in sentinel flocks on 2 of the farms, field infection with akabane virus occurred mainly between mid-february and mid-april. malformations of the cns occurred in 42.5% ...19883135792
an outbreak of akabane virus-induced abnormalities in calves after agistment in an endemic region.during 1988, 2 farmers in the bega district agisted pregnant cattle in the hunter valley of new south wales. on return to the district to calve, 54% of calves from herd 1 and 30% of calves from herd 2 were affected with congenital arthrogryposis or hydranencephaly caused by akabane virus infection. field observations and laboratory findings from this outbreak are presented, illustrating the danger of moving immunologically naive animals into areas where akabane virus is endemic.19938457173
an extended outbreak of congenital chondrodysplasia in calves in south east report an outbreak of congenital chondrodystrophy in calves in south east australia.200818363985
serological evidence for the association of akabane virus with epizootic bovine congenital arthrogryposis and hydranencephaly syndromes in new south wales. 19751164273
congenital bovine epizootic arthrogryposis and hydranencephaly.epizootics of congenital neurological defects in calves have been recorded at various intervals in south eastern new south wales for over 40 years. in 1974 a particularly severe outbreak occurred. field observations of the clinical entities, their time of appearance, distribution and incidence were recorded in an attempt to determine an epidemiological pattern. the neurological entities observed occupied different time spans in the epizootic, the order of appearance being polioencephalomyelitis, ...1978687275
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