natural infections of pigs with akabane virus.akabane (aka) virus is considered a pathogen of herbivores in nature. however, we found that pig populations in fields were infected in taiwan. an isolate (nt-14) of aka virus was obtained from pigs. the nt-14 virus was able to infect pigs by the oronasal route. subsequently, low levels of infectious virus particles were excreted into the oronasal discharge during the stage of viremia but they were not sufficient to infect new porcine hosts via contact transmission. the prevalence of serum neutr ...200312742710
genetic diversity and reassortments among akabane virus field isolates.sequencing and phylogenetic analysis were carried out for 35 akabane virus (akav) field isolates collected from japan, taiwan, australia and kenya, and for one tinaroo virus (tinv). of the three rna segments, the m rna segment encoding the glycoproteins that induce neutralization antibodies was the most variable among the isolates. the difference in the m rna segments among asian (japanese and taiwanese) isolates was not large (<12.3% nucleotide (nt) and <5.9% amino acid (aa) differences), rathe ...200717659802
chronological and geographical variations in the small rna segment of the teratogenic akabane virus.characterization of the small rna segment of the teratogenic akabane virus was performed to define the genetic heterogeneity and molecular epidemiology of the virus. the nucleotide and amino acid sequences were highly conserved among the akabane virus isolates, irrespective of the year of isolation and geographical origin, except for a kenyan strain mp496. on the basis of the nucleocapsid gene sequences of the segment, 170 field isolates were grouped into four distinct phylogenetic lineages. the ...200616730837
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