serologic evidence of human infection by francisella tularensis in the population of castilla y león (spain) prior to 1997.prior to an outbreak in castilla y león in december 1997, tularaemia was practically non-existent in spain. in this paper we studied the prevalence of antibodies against francisella tularensis in a representative sample of the population (4825 people) from castilla y león (spain) in samples collected before this outbreak. antibodies against f. tularensis were detected in nine (0.19%) of the 4825 sera, with antibody titres ranging from 1/20 to 1/160. of these nine sera, one was positive in seroag ...200312628554
[tularemia: a decade in the province of soria (spain)].tularemia is a zoonotic disease that has been regularly reported in spain since 1997. this study analyzes suspected, probable, and confirmed cases of tularemia in the province of soria, and compares them with tularemia cases recorded in the autonomous community of castilla y léon, which, with the exception of 1 sporadic case, occurred in 2 epidemic outbreaks in 1997/1998 and 2007/2008.201019419798
[tularemia: report of 16 cases in the castilla-leon community].to report the clinico-epidemiological characteristics of 16 patients with the diagnosis of tularemia.19989929998
[preliminary report of an epidemic tularemia outbreak in valladolid].we make here a preliminary report of the first 65 cases of tularemia diagnosed at our hospital pertaining to an epidemic outbreak occurred in the area served by the hospital. diagnosis was made by the presence of a consistent clinical picture and the following laboratory criteria: antibody titre to. francisella tularensis (tube agglutination) higher than or equal to 1/160, seroconversion or recovery of the microorganism from biological material. the mean age of our patients was 53.8 +/- 13.5 yea ...19989929997
[prevalence of epidemic outbreak of tularemia in the hospital universitario río hortega (spain) in the year 2007].this present research study presents the analytic results of an outbreak of tularemia (francisella tularensis) that occurred in the northwest areas of castilla y león in northern spain in late june 2007.200919709538
[prevalence of antibodies against francisella tularensis in castilla y león (spain) before 1997].the aim of this paper was determine the prevalence of antibodies against francisella tularensis in the representative sample of people from castilla-león (spain) before epidemic outbreak of end 1997.200312605730
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