[culture properties of the causative agent of tularemia isolated in natural foci in stavropol territory, the kalmyk assr and the armenian ssr].the strains isolated in natural foci of the stavropol territory and the armenian ssr have been found to belong to the holarctic race of francisella tularensis, biovar ii. in natural foci of the kalmyk assr the strains belonging to biovars i and ii have been isolated. the study of the tularecinogenicity of the cultures has revealed the existence of strains which are not sensitive to their own tularecins. the phenomenon of tularecinogenicity in f. novocida has been established. avirulent strain 31 ...19836220538
[on the factors of the stable maintenance of natural microfoci of tularemia in the steppe zone of the stavropol area]. 19694239987
[rise in the epizootic activity of a natural focus of steppe-type tularemia in stavropol territory and its epidemic consequences].one of recurrent autumn and winter rises in the epizootic activity of the steppe-type focus of tularemia in the stavropol territory is described. during the tularemia epizooty of 1981-1982 the population of common voles (microtus arvalis) was very numerous, while the population of house mice (mus musculus) was comparatively scarce. francisella tularensis strains were isolated from different species of rodents (microtus arvalis, mus musculus, apodemus sylvanicus, rattus norvegicus, lepus, etc.), ...19853158139
[gene typing of infectious tularemia strains isolated from the stavropol and krasnodar territories].the typing of f. tularensis strains by four variable number of tandem repeats (vntr) loci has been carried out. among the strains isolated in the stavropol and krasnodar territories seven genotypes have been detected and their spread in different natural foci has been analyzed. the data thus obtained suggest that the vntr analysis may become an important instrument for studying the structure of the natural foci of tularemia and evolutionary relationships between individual areas of these foci.200314716980
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