[the epizootic characteristics of tularemia in the crimea].cases of tularemia were registered in the crimea both before and after planned immunization. in 1981-1993 in 4.000 localities 35,100 mammals, 27,400 ectoparasites, 8,800 feces left by birds of prey and foxes and 900 environmental specimens were studied. 137 francisella tularensis strains were isolated. field mapping of the spread of f.tularensis and places of habitation of small mammals was carried out. the active polyhostal natural focus of tularemia was found to exist on the kerch peninsula, l ...19969103072
[natural focus of tularemia on the kerchen peninsula (crimea)].the study confirming the existence of the steppe-type natural focus of tularemia on the kerch peninsula has been carried out. for the first time the cultures of francisella tularensis have been isolated. voles and house mice play the main role in the circulation of the infection. the parasitic system comprises ticks (ixodidae and nyalomma), as well as some species of fleas. in carrying out erizootological studies for detecting tularemia in the crimea the use of low temperature (0 degrees c) for ...19817331615
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