[non-tuberculous mycobacteria in barcelona. i. comparative sensitization between tuberculin rt-23 and sensitins from mycobacterium avium and scrofulaceum]. 19846531479
transthoracic needle aspiration in the study of pulmonary infections in patients with evaluate the safety and efficacy of transthoracic aspiration with an ultrathin needle in the microbiologic diagnosis of pulmonary infections in hiv-infected patients.19948082342
changes in bloodstream infections in hiv-positive patients in a university hospital in spain (1995-1997).the hospital universitario germans trias i pujol is a 600-bed center serving 700,000 inhabitants including 1800 patients with hiv infection in catalonia (spain). highly active antiretroviral therapy (haart) became available at the end of 1996. thus, the period 1995 1997 was considered appropriate for evaluating possible epidemiological changes in bloodstream infections (bsi) in hiv-infected patients.200212044296
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