[mycobacteriosis during 1980-1990 in a madrid hospital].to assess the incidence and features of environmental mycobacteria that can produce disease over a ten years period (1980-1990) in an university hospital from madrid (spain).19921292603
[changes in the spectrum of the diseases in patients hospitalized with hiv infection].infections in subjects with hiv-1 infection are a frequent cause of hospital admission. knowledge of the entities which most often motivate hospitalization may aid in designing the most appropriate diagnostic and prophylactic strategies. the causes of hospital admission in individuals with risk practices for hiv-1 infection attended in a department of infectious diseases in madrid over a period of 4 years were analyzed.19938289522
factors associated with seroprevalence to mycobacterium paratuberculosis in small-ruminant farms in the madrid region (spain).a cross-sectional study was conducted in a population of small ruminants in the madrid region (spain) to determine the mycobacterium paratuberculosis seroprevalence and to identify farm factors possibly associated with paratuberculosis (ptb). farming-management information and sera were collected from 60 sheep or goat flocks. the relationship between seropositivity and the variables in the questionnaire was assessed by unconditional logistic regression, followed by random-effects logistic regres ...19989618744
evolution of the incidence and aetiology of fever of unknown origin (fuo), and survival in hiv-infected patients after haart (highly active antiretroviral therapy).fever of unknown origin (fuo) is common among hiv-infected patients with a cd4+ t-lymphocyte cell count below 200 cells/ml. the use of haart has transformed the evolution of aids and related diseases.200919712847
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