epidemiology of mycobacterium bovis disease in san diego county, 1994-2000.local public health department.200312588020
risk factors for positive mantoux tuberculin skin tests in children in san diego, california: evidence for boosting and possible foodborne transmission.source case finding in san diego, california, rarely detects the source for children with tuberculosis (tb) infection or disease. one third of all pediatric tb isolates in san diego are mycobacterium bovis, a strain associated with raw dairy products. this study was conducted to determine risk factors for tb infection in san diego.200111483792
mycobacterium bovis in california dairies: a case series of 2002-2013 outbreaks.from 2002 to 2013, bovine tuberculosis (btb) caused by mycobacterium bovis (m. bovis) has been detected on numerous dairies in california. in total, twelve herds had btb detected and are included in the case series which describes these recent outbreaks and discusses potential pathways of introduction. epidemiological investigations to determine the initial source of btb in each herd included obtaining data on likely pathways of pathogen introduction. pathways included purchasing cattle, use of ...201424856878
epidemiology of human mycobacterium bovis disease, california, usa, 2003-2011.we conducted a retrospective review of california tuberculosis (tb) registry and genotyping data to evaluate trends, analyze epidemiologic differences between adult and child case-patients with mycobacterium bovis disease, and identify risk factors for m. bovis disease. the percentage of tb cases attributable to m. bovis increased from 3.4% (80/2,384) in 2003 to 5.4% (98/1,808) in 2011 (p = 0.002). all (6/6) child case-patients with m. bovis disease during 2010-2011 had >1 parent/guardian who wa ...201525693687
treatment of mycobacterium bovis infected tuberculosis patients: san diego county, california, united states, 1994-2003.a local tuberculosis control program.200515786900
missed opportunities for preventing tuberculosis among children younger than five years of age.childhood tuberculosis (tb) is an important indicator of public health success in interrupting and preventing tb transmission. to determine the frequency and types of missed opportunities for preventing tb among children <5 years of age.200011099618
evaluation of a comparative intradermal tuberculin test in california dairy cattle. 19744594742
tracing the origins of mycobacterium bovis tuberculosis in humans in the usa to cattle in mexico using compare genotypes of mycobacterium bovis strains from humans in southern california with genotypes of m. bovis strains in cattle in mexico and the usa to explore the possible origins of human infections.201020399697
reproducibility of quantiferon-tb gold in-tube assay.studies are needed to characterize the reproducibility of quantiferon-tb gold (qft-g) for targeted u.s. screening populations. members of northern california households were tested with the qft-g in-tube assay (qft-g-it) at two home visits 3 months apart. reproducibility and agreement with the tuberculin skin test (tst) were assessed. monte carlo simulation was used to evaluate the role of test-related error. of 63 individuals (49 adults and 14 children) completing qft-g-it at both time points, ...200818199741
diagnostic challenges of central nervous system tuberculosis.central nervous system tuberculosis (tb) was identified in 20 cases of unexplained encephalitis referred to the california encephalitis project. atypical features (encephalitic symptoms, rapid onset, age) and diagnostic challenges (insensitive cerebrospinal fluid [csf] tb pcr result, elevated csf glucose levels in patients with diabetes, negative result for tuberculin skin test) complicated diagnosis.200818760024
tuberculosis from mycobacterium bovis in binational communities, united states.the epidemiology of tuberculosis (tb) in the united states is changing as the incidence of disease becomes more concentrated in foreign-born persons. mycobacterium bovis appears to be contributing substantially to the tb incidence in some binational communities with ties to mexico. we conducted a retrospective analysis of tb case surveillance data from the san diego, california, region from 1994 through 2005 to estimate incidence trends, identify correlates of m. bovis disease, and evaluate risk ...200818507901
limited transmission of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis despite a high proportion of infectious cases in los angeles county, california.preventing transmission of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis is critical because of treatment toxicity, cost, and the lack of effective therapy for latent infection. we attempted to determine the extent of transmission in los angeles county by comparing relatedness of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis cases using restriction fragment length polymorphism and by cross-matching contact information to the tuberculosis registry. strain typing was done on isolates of 102 pulmonary multidrug-resistant ca ...200211897649
investigation of human contacts: a mycobacterium bovis outbreak among cattle at a california may 2002, a mycobacterium bovis outbreak occurred among cattle at a california dairy. we investigated to determine whether persons were infected after working with the cattle or drinking their raw milk.200516013779
pyrazinamide-monoresistant mycobacterium tuberculosis in the united states.mycobacterium bovis is naturally resistant to the antituberculosis drug pyrazinamide (pza). to determine whether all mycobacterium tuberculosis complex isolates demonstrating pza monoresistance were truly m. bovis, we examined the phenotype and genotype of isolates reported as pza monoresistant in five counties in california from january 1996 through june 1999. isolates reported by local laboratories to be pza monoresistant were sent to the state reference laboratory for repeat susceptibility te ...200111158123
recovery of salmonella, listeria monocytogenes, and mycobacterium bovis from cheese entering the united states through a noncommercial land port of entry.a joint multiagency project was initiated in response to a salmonella outbreak in san diego county, california, in 2004. samples of cheese were collected during four 1-day operations at the san ysidro port of entry, along the united states-mexico border. surveyed participants were persons crossing the border as pedestrians or in vehicles who had a minimum of 2.27 kg of cheese, which may suggest a potential diversion to illegal marketing. in addition, data were collected about the cheese to ident ...200717265859
mycobacterium bovis infections in san diego: a clinicoepidemiologic study of 73 patients and a historical review of a forgotten pathogen.we have presented 73 patients (48 adults and 25 children) with microbiologically documented m. bovis infections identified over the 12-year period from 1980 through 1991. epidemiologic investigation of these patients revealed that the majority (80%) were of hispanic origin. the non-hispanic patients either had traveled extensively outside the united states, were born in the united states during its endemic period or in other countries with endemic bovine tuberculosis, or were exposed to a close ...19938426535
mycobacterium bovis as a significant cause of tuberculosis in children residing along the united states-mexico border in the baja california determine the role of mycobacterium bovis in active pediatric tuberculosis (tb) in a united states-mexico border region.200010835092
contact investigation for cases of pulmonary mycobacterium bovis.a local tuberculosis control program in san diego county, california.200415260279
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