bovine tuberculosis in humans in ontario. the epidemiologic features of 31 active cases occurring between 1964 and 1970. 19724627829
bovine tuberculosis in canadian wildlife: an updated history.mycobacterium bovis infection in wild animals attracted little attention in canada until the disease was almost eliminated from domestic livestock. tuberculosis was endemic in plains bison and occurred in elk, moose, and mule deer in buffalo national park (bnp), alberta during the 1920s and 1930s. bison were moved from bnp to wood buffalo national park (wbnp), where tuberculosis became, and remains, endemic in bison, posing a risk to efforts to restore bison in northern canada. tuberculosis was ...200920119541
diagnosis of active tuberculosis in a university tuberculosis was diagnosed in 100 patients at sunnybrook medical centre during the five-year period 1968-72. these cases were studied to find out if any delay had taken place in establishing the diagnosis and starting treatment. delay was found most frequently when patients presented with atypical disease or when microbiological investigations were negative or misinterpreted. however, in nine patients with positive ziehl-neelsen smears the diagnosis was delayed more than one week. usually ...19744213029
occupational exposure to mycobacterium bovis infection in deer and elk in late 1991, two herds of deer and elk were depopulated at a slaughtering plant in ontario, followed by processing of infected animals at a rendering plant. we conducted a questionnaire plus tuberculin skin-test survey of 104 exposed slaughtering and rendering plant workers, and government veterinarians and inspectors. overall, 17 participants were skin-test positive, one of 51 initially skin-test negative subjects tested a second time three months later became positive, consistent with the ris ...19947804937
estimates of within-herd incidence rates of mycobacterium bovis in canadian cattle and cervids between 1985 and 1994.we analysed the individual-animal data from six of the nine outbreaks of tuberculosis in canadian cattle and cervids from 1985 to 1994. a "positive/reactor" animal was one which had either a positive culture or a positive or suspicious reaction on a mid-cervical, comparative cervical, or gross or histopathological test for tuberculosis. individual-animal data were collected only for herds which had one or more positive/reactor animals. data were collected from the outbreak records in the regiona ...200010821964
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