spoligotyping of mycobacterium bovis isolates found in manitoba.spoligotyping was applied to 44 isolates of mycobacterium bovis obtained from the canadian province of manitoba. isolates were obtained from submissions of elk (n = 16), deer (n = 1), and cattle (n = 27) tissues spanning the period of 1990 to early 2003. two spoligotype profiles were obtained differing only in the reaction with oligonucleotide number 12. forty of the 44 isolates (90.9%) hybridized with oligonucleotide 12 (mb-1 type), while the remaining 4 of 44 (9.1%) did not show a signal at po ...200515971679
feasibility of using coyotes (canis latrans) as sentinels for bovine mycobacteriosis (mycobacterium bovis) infection in wild cervids in and around riding mountain national park, manitoba, canada.elk (cervus elaphus manitobensis) and white-tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus) in the riding mountain national park (rmnp) region of southwestern manitoba have been identified as a likely wildlife reservoir of mycobacterium bovis, the causative agent of bovine mycobacteriosis in livestock. the feasibility of using coyotes (canis latrans) collected from trappers as a sentinel species was investigated. retropharyngeal, mesenteric, and colonic lymph nodes and tonsils collected at necropsy from 82 ...200717699081
"the tubercular cow must go": business, politics, and winnipeg's milk supply, 1894-1922.this paper analyzes the winnipeg health department's campaign to eliminate tuberculosis in dairy herds supplying milk to the city. it examines the complexity of creating dairy policies at a time when there was no consensus about the role that mycobacterium bovis played in the etiology of tuberculosis in humans, and when dairy producers and consumers often resisted regulations that increased their costs. the article argues that the scientific debates about the regulation of the city's milk supply ...200617214122
learning from outbreaks of bovine tuberculosis near riding mountain national park: applications to a foreign animal disease outbreak.riding mountain national park, manitoba, is home to a population of free-roaming elk (cervus elaphus manitobensis) that have been found to be infected with mycobacterium bovis, the agent of bovine tuberculosis (tb). the disease has also been found in a number of cattle herds near the park and, as a result, manitoba has been assigned a split status for bovine tb. a number of government agencies, with input from representatives from the wildlife and agricultural sectors, have responded by devising ...200414992251
modeling and mitigating winter hay bale damage by elk in a low prevalence bovine tuberculosis endemic zone.wildlife causes extensive crop damage throughout much of north america and these shared feeds are a key risk factor in the transmission of diseases between wildlife and livestock, including bovine tuberculosis (tb). predicting wildlife use of agricultural crops can provide insight directed toward targeted disease mitigation at areas of potential indirect interaction. in this study, we quantified use of hay bales by elk (cervus canadensis) during the winter in southwestern manitoba, canada using ...201424486094
field evaluation of three blood-based assays for elk (cervus canadensis) naturally infected with mycobacterium bovis.diagnosis of mycobacterium bovis in wild populations is very challenging due to complications imposed by the use of traditional skin tests, poor sensitivity of gold standard tests which rely on culture of m. bovis from tissues and wide variations in severity of disease. various combinations of a lymphocyte stimulation test (lst), fluorescence polarization assay (fpa) and the cervid tb stat-pak were evaluated using two different validation approaches: a latent class analysis and classical statist ...201424315383
is the gamma interferon assay in cattle influenced by multiple tuberculin injections?along with other developed countries, canada is interested in adopting the gamma interferon (ifn-gamma) assay to test for bovine tuberculosis (tb). this study compared results of using the ifn-gamma assay in a large number of field-tested cattle in manitoba, some previously tested with a caudal fold test (cft) only, and others injected with tuberculins for both a cft and a comparative cervical test (cct). parallel testing further compared the ifn-gamma assay and cct results with the confirmed tb ...200919436478
bovine tuberculosis in elk (cervus elaphus manitobensis) near riding mountain national park, manitoba, from 1992 to 2002. 200314601681
strain typing of mycobacterium bovis from a 1978 case of tuberculosis in a wolf (canis lupis) from manitoba. 200516048008
evaluating use of cattle winter feeding areas by elk and white-tailed deer: implications for managing bovine tuberculosis transmission risk from the ground up.transmission of bovine tuberculosis (mycobacterium bovis) among wildlife and livestock has created important risks for conservation and agriculture. management strategies aimed at controlling tb have typically been top-down, regionally focused, and government-led programs that were at best only partially successful. the purpose of this study was to quantify co-mingling of elk and white-tailed deer (wtd) with cattle at multiple spatial scales (i.e., the regional farm scale and winter cattle feedi ...201322940061
bovine tuberculosis in canadian wildlife: an updated history.mycobacterium bovis infection in wild animals attracted little attention in canada until the disease was almost eliminated from domestic livestock. tuberculosis was endemic in plains bison and occurred in elk, moose, and mule deer in buffalo national park (bnp), alberta during the 1920s and 1930s. bison were moved from bnp to wood buffalo national park (wbnp), where tuberculosis became, and remains, endemic in bison, posing a risk to efforts to restore bison in northern canada. tuberculosis was ...200920119541
disseminated tuberculoid lesions in infants following bcg vaccination.the records of 830 consecutive autopsies at children's hospital, winnipeg revealed that 26 of the 36 infants (34 canadian indian, 1 inuit and 1 caucasian) given bcg vaccine shortly after birth had tuberculoid granulomas in various sites, including the vaccination site, regional lymph nodes, liver, spleen, lung, bone marrow and salivary gland. mycobacterium bovis, bcg type, was identified in three of the four cases in which isolation was attempted. the principal causes of death had been sudden in ...19826749273
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