mycobacterium bovis in argentina: isolates from cats typified by the present work, 19 mycobacterium bovis isolates from different cats were typified by spoligotyping. we detected nine spoligotypes. there was only one cluster, which grouped 11 of the isolates (57.9%), showing the main spoligotype from cattle from argentina. the rest of the spoligotypes presented only one isolate each. five of them were not found in cattle, and were unique and exclusive of cats. the isolates studied show that tuberculosis of bovine origin in cats constitutes a potential publ ...200920085184
human mycobacterium bovis infection in buenos aires: epidemiology, microbiology and clinical presentation.we performed a retrospective study of clinical, epidemiological and microbiological characteristics of patients with confirmed mycobacterium bovis infection treated at francisco muñiz hospital, buenos aires, argentina, between 1996 and 2008. a total of 39 patients were included, accounting for 0.4% of tuberculosis cases in our hospital. of these, 93% had at least one risk factor form. bovis; the most frequent was occupational exposure (65%), followed by history of living in a rural area (31%) an ...201222230360
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