tuberculin reactivity in a population of schoolchildren with high bcg vaccination investigate the influence of bcg vaccination or revaccination on tuberculin skin test reactivity, in order to guide the correct interpretation of this test in a setting of high neonatal bcg vaccination coverage and an increasing bcg revaccination coverage at school age.200312831432
clinical and radiological analysis of children and adolescents with tuberculosis in bahia, brazil.we reviewed the clinical and radiological characteristics of tuberculosis (tb) in children and adolescents at the hospital especializado octávio mangabeira, (heom) in salvador, bahia. this study included 275 tb patients aged 1 to 15 years seen between january 1990 and november 2001. standardized forms were filled out on the basis of a review of patient records and x-rays. through a retrospective and descriptive analysis, it was found that 51.6% were male, 35.3% were aged 1 to 5 years, 28% were a ...200312807694
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